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A cigarette butt is the most littered item in the world and has a devastating impact in the whole. It is a worldwide mission to persuade the tobacco industries to play an active major role shifting awareness and inviting smokers to become responsible smokers.
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04 Oct People

At first came the Movement which consisted of a group of volunteers gathering weekly and organizing events to raise awareness. Later on an Association was formed with the need to professionalize our services and to have people available on a permanent basis. Since the beginning that one of our goals was to create a business model that could be easily implemented anywhere in the world: when the moment of truth came, the Green Smokers Alliance was created. We would not be fair by naming the staff members at this point of our history: we┬┤ve had innumerous individuals and corporations collaborating with us in the most various ways. Every single contribution had an impact and contributed to raise awareness and develop solutions for this cause which affects us in several areas: environment, politics, economic, health, education, technology.