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A cigarette butt is the most littered item in the world and has a devastating impact in the whole. It is a worldwide mission to persuade the tobacco industries to play an active major role shifting awareness and inviting smokers to become responsible smokers.
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04 Oct Partners

We welcome partnerships from all over the world. Our experience in Portugal has demonstrated us that in one way or the other everyone is involved. If it resonates with you as a leader, activist, entrepreneur, teacher, or any other type of society member willing to make a difference, then there is something for you to do with us, and you are definitely welcome to take action. Since the beginning that we┬┤ve decided to act locally with the awareness of going global: all our systems from communication, to collecting, decontaminating, and transforming have been developed to be implemented all over the world. Feel free to contact us for any information regarding the process, and we will support you in the best way we can. Your contribution has an incredible value, and we honor your participation.