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A cigarette butt is the most littered item in the world and has a devastating impact in the whole. It is a worldwide mission to persuade the tobacco industries to play an active major role shifting awareness and inviting smokers to become responsible smokers.
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Media and Education

04 Oct Media and Education

As we progressed, we┬┤ve had several interventions that caught the eye of the media. Organized collects with striking results, breakthroughs, speeches and interviews. We have been the headlines of TV shows, radios, newspapers, and websites promoting our actions. We have also realized that as we communicate our work, people become aware not only about the impact of cigarette butts but also about the impact of our footprint on the planet in several other ways: by becoming aware of such a small item, you cannot miss several other littered items. When it comes to education, as every single member of our population is somehow affected, our efforts are to reach responsible smokers, as-well as anyone playing a part.